I am a senior commercial lawyer with deep experience operating at the intersection of business and government. I provide advice on a wide range of commercial law matters, with particular expertise in a number of areas of public law including economic regulation, competition law, and limits on the power of government.


I often work directly with businesses affected by government processes and investors seeking to better understand the potential or the risk offered by a dynamic regulatory environment. I also work regularly with other lawyers where their transactions are especially complex due to government involvement or the need to seek regulatory clearances.


My experience includes:


  • competition law (mergers, clearances, joint ventures, enforcement proceedings), especially in concentrated markets and dynamic or innovative sectors;


  • sector specific regulation (particularly natural monopoly and access regulation) in the energy, finance, telecommunications and transport sectors;


  • judicial review (both defending and challenging government decision-making);


  • law reform, policy development and legislative design, with a particularly emphasis on micro-economic policy;


  • government business initiatives, such as public-private partnerships, partnerships with iwi, and non-standard procurement practices; and


  • public law for business (for example, using the Bill of Rights, Treaty of Waitangi, and government procedure to influence legal and political outcomes).


My services extend beyond legal advice. I also offer:


  • public law training for executives and management teams;


  • compliance framework development and assessment; and


  • regulatory strategy development and training in effective government engagement.


My point of difference comes from a combination of a sophisticated understanding of New Zealand government and politics, and an unrivalled academic background. My advice is throughly researched, precisely targeted and credibly received by both businesses and government.


If you would like to discuss working with me on a legal or policy project, you are welcome to email me or contact me directly on +64 21 809 948.