Great government is about great people and great ideas. It's also about respecting the dignity of the individual and harnessing the power of concerted political action. Great government allows us to achieve great things.


Government, whether good or bad, can sometimes seem very disconnected from the individuals it is suppose to serve.
I believe we should all be talking about what makes government great, and how we can engage with government credibly and effectively so that it continually strives to be great. 


On this page you can find material that helps articulate what great government is and our role in achieving it. Building up a fluency in the ideas that help underpin great government allows all of us to understand how government works, and how we can collectively shape it for the better.


Here's some great stuff to get you started.


Human rights

RightsInfo have created this beautiful, short video that explains what human rights are and why they are important.

Citizen power

Eric Liu narrates this introductory video on civic power and the rules that describe how power operates. It also provides a powerful reminder that if you aren't using power, then it is probably being used against you.

How Parliament works

This short video explains the role of Parliament and how it is different to goverment. It is based on the UK Parliament, but the New Zealand Parliament operates according to very similar principles.