This page contains a record of my academic work. I am particularly interested in public law, commercial law, economic policy and regulation. Several of my research projects have been awarded prizes or scholarships. As well as publishing widely, I have taught law at Victoria University of Wellington and the University of Auckland.


PhD Thesis

In 2015 I completed a PhD thesis entitled "Unwritten Constitutionalism" at the University of Auckland Faculty of Law. The thesis was the first sustained attempt at researching the implications of New Zealand's distinctive 'unwritten' constitutional structure. My research was undertaken on a full scholarship from the University of Auckland. I was supervised by Professor Paul Rishworth QC, New Zealand’s leading human rights academic, and Professor Bruce Harris, an expert on executive and judicial authority. New Zealand’s leading constitutional law theorist, Professor Philip Joseph of the University of Canterbury, was one of my examiners.


LLM Dissertation

In 2008 I completed an LLM dissertation on statutory incorporation of constitutional principles, focussing on the Treaty of Waitangi as a key example. My dissertation was supervised by Māmari Stephens of the Victoria University Faculty of Law, and was  conferred with 'distinction' (equivalent of an A-grade average).


Published Research

I have published widely in peer-reviewed journals and industry publications, and given presentations to interested organisations. Examples of my published research include:


  • “Legislative Reference to the Rule of Law” [2015] New Zealand Law Journal 251‑252 (with Alexandra Blair).


  • “Making ‘Better Regulation’ Better” [2014] New Zealand Law Journal 282‑283.


  • “Limits on Constitutional Authority” (2014) 22 Waikato Law Review 87‑116.


  • “Courts and the Supervision of Democracy” [2014] 30 Law News 5.


  • “Monopolisation Law Reform” [2014] 20 Law News 4.


  • “Constitutional Authority: Legitimising the Exercise of Public Power” [2014] New Zealand Law Review 265‑301.


  • “Promoting Quality Regulation” Presentation to the Law and Economics Association of New Zealand (Auckland, 31 October 2013).


  • “On the Length of the Parliamentary Term” Legal Research Foundation Lecture (Auckland, 19 September 2013).


  • “Commerce Commission v Air New Zealand [2011] NZCA 64” [2013] New Zealand Centre for Human Rights Working Paper No 12.


  • “PPPs and Public Law” [2013] New Zealand Law Journal 380‑383.


  • “One Approach to the Issue of Judicial Accountability” [2013] 33 Law News 1‑2.


  • “Retail Market Intervention and the Evolution of Economic Regulation” (2012) 18 New Zealand Business Law
    Quarterly 127‑146.


  • “Mobile Termination Regulation in New Zealand and the Consequences for Investment in Telecommunications” (2012) 19(1) IBA Communications Law Newsletter 31‑33 (with Malcolm Webb).


  • “On Regulatory Uncertainty” [2012] New Zealand Law Journal 232‑234.


  • “Foreign Ownership and Control of International Airlines: A New Agenda for Reform” (2012) 24 Air & Space Lawyer 1, 14‑18 (with Mark Toner).


  • “Judicial Review and Deference” [2011] New Zealand Law Journal 283-284.


  • “Agenda-driven Interpretation” [2011] New Zealand Law Journal 25-26.


  • “The Interpretation of Environmental Legislation in New Zealand” (2010) 14 New Zealand Journal of Environmental Law 135-160.


  • “Legal Recognition of Rights Derived from the Treaty of Waitangi” (2010) 8 New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law 217-237.


If you would like to find out more about any of these publications, my current research interests or would like to collaborate on a project, please email me.