I’m Edward Willis. I’m a New Zealander and an expert in public law (how government works), regulation (how government affects you and me) and civic engagement (how New Zealanders
can change government for the better).


I’m passionate about great government and I think you should be, too.


Great government protects our rights and interests, gives us the security and freedom to live our lives courageously, celebrates our diversity and brings us together as a nation in a way that makes us prouder and stronger. It's worth having, and it's definitely worth protecting.


My passion for great government has led me to become a number of different things:


  • I’m have been a commercial lawyer. I have previously provided advice on a wide range of commercial law matters, but my true expertise lies in helping businesses and other organisations understand public law and regulation. Government is taking an increasing interest in significant business transactions - and in some cases the entire business operating environment - and so it is vital that businesses understand how public law and regulation affect their commercial interests and how they can influence government decision‑making through law.


  • I’m a policy consultant. I help government departments design credible regulatory frameworks that are both robust in principle and effective in practice. I also provide research and insightful analysis on issues of micro‑economic policy.


  • I’m an academic researcher and commentator. I have undertaken extensive, sustained research on New Zealand’s unique constitutional structure, making me the leading expert in this field, as well as publishing on numerous public law and regulatory matters. I also enjoy teaching our future legal leaders - most recently I have been inspiring young minds at the University of Auckland Faculty of Law.


  • I’m a thought leader and champion for better civic engagement and authentic, credible conversations about the issues that matter because they affect our law and politics. Ultimately, great government is about great people and great ideas. I believe everyone should be able to understand how government works and have their voice heard.


Please take some time to explore my site and find out a bit more about me, my ideas, and how to make New Zealand government great. If anything here inspires you, or you would like to get in touch for any other reason, you can:



  • phone me: +64 21 809 948



  • hire me: you can find out more about my consulting practice here.